The credit counseling profession has been turned upside down over the past 20 years. When I first started representing clients in bankruptcy cases, we would routinely refer clients to a Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Nebraska if we thought bankruptcy could be avoided.

Unfortunately, CCCSN closed in 2015 and there was no local professional left


What is the most effective solution to a serious debt problem?  Without a doubt, Chapter 7 remains the single most effective way to eliminate debt.  What is the success rate of chapter 7 cases?

In reviewing 172 cases filed by our firm since January 1, 2014, clients received a discharge in all but three cases.  


It seems like a lot of people are shocked to learn that they have been sued or that judgments have been registered against them.  I remember speaking to a new client recently and it was unclear how much she owed and from what she was saying her total debts were less than $5,000, an amount