At their absolute core, the Sam Turco Law Offices were designed with one question in mind: “If I were facing financial hardship and the prospect of bankruptcy, how would I want to to be treated?”

Knowing that attorneys operating in this realm must be focused and experienced, Sam Turco has built a team of six lawyers who practice exclusively in consumer bankruptcy law. When a slight oversight can result in the potential loss of a car or house, working with a team of attorneys who practice only in this area and, as a result, are well-versed in the intricacies of bankruptcy law, is an important advantage.

Not only does each individual lawyer possess a wealth of knowledge on bankruptcy law, but the collaborative and collegial environment at the firm enables attorneys to learn more by simply walking down the hall than they would at a seminar. Lawyers at the firm meet regularly to discuss complexities of various bankruptcy cases and brainstorm optimum solutions to complex bankruptcy matters.

While the team works collaboratively to provide the best solutions to its clients, the firm maintains a highly relationship-based approach as each client works with one attorney from beginning of the process to the very end. As a result, clients are always working with an attorney familiar with the ins and outs of their specific case. Where some firms can act more like manufacturing mills than law firms aimed at guiding individuals through troubled times, the Sam Turco Law Offices maintain a commitment to professionalism and doing right by people.

Practice areas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Debt Settlement
Asset Protection and Ending Garnishment
Stop Foreclosure
Restoring Credit After Bankruptcy

With offices in Omaha and Lincoln, the firm serves individuals, couples and families throughout the state, whether they be in these three cities or elsewhere. If you have questions, contact the firm for a free initial consultation with one of its six dedicated attorneys.