To be in the credit counseling business you have to be a nonprofit.  Credit card companies will frequently refuse to set up repayment plans with for-profit debt counselors.  Mandatory bankruptcy credit counseling courses may only be sponsored by nonprofits.  And the common perception is that “real” credit counselors should be nonprofit agencies.

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What is the most effective solution to a serious debt problem?  Without a doubt, Chapter 7 remains the single most effective way to eliminate debt.  What is the success rate of chapter 7 cases?

In reviewing 172 cases filed by our firm since January 1, 2014, clients received a discharge in all but three cases.  

As part of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), Congress required that all persons take a credit counseling course before they are allowed to file a bankruptcy case, and another credit education course after the case is filed.  So, everyone filing bankruptcy these days must take two courses and file

A good bankruptcy attorney should never “sell” bankruptcy.  That is not why people come to my office.  What they want and need is honest advice about how to get out of debt.  Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to eliminate debt, but there are other methods to solve the debt problem.  At the first meeting with