It seems like a lot of people are shocked to learn that they have been sued or that judgments have been registered against them.  I remember speaking to a new client recently and it was unclear how much she owed and from what she was saying her total debts were less than $5,000, an amount

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I recently met a client who first learned that she had been sued when she received a post card in the mail from the court indicating that a default judgment had been entered against her.  Frequently I meet clients who first learn of a judgment when their paychecks or bank accounts become garnished.  “How can


In every state there exists a list of property that is protected from creditor garnishments and property seizures.  We call these laws Exemptions.  In theory, these laws are designed to prevent creditors from taking away everything a person owns, but in practice few debtors know how to assert their exemption rights and they often


Somewhere between 30 to 50 thousand civil lawsuits are filed in Nebraska each year.  Unfortunately, very few people actually bother to respond to the lawsuit and therefore suffer a Default Judgment being entered against them.  I would estimate that over 90% of the debt collection lawsuits result in uncontested default judgments.

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