Driver's License Most states, including Nebraska, have financial responsibility laws that suspend a driver’s license if a person causes an accident and lacks insurance to fully pay the resulting damages.

Filing bankruptcy may allow a person to immediately reinstate their license in most cases, but there are special rules that apply.

  • No alcohol or drugs contributed to


I keep reading these stories about how great the Nebraska economy is and how low the unemployment rate is low compared to other states, but based on what I am seeing and hearing in my office these days I have a hard time believing the news.  Yet, they keep reporting the Nebraska unemployment rate at

A good bankruptcy attorney should never “sell” bankruptcy.  That is not why people come to my office.  What they want and need is honest advice about how to get out of debt.  Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to eliminate debt, but there are other methods to solve the debt problem.  At the first meeting with

How much of your wages may a creditor garnish in Nebraska? How many garnishments may be placed on a paycheck at any one time?  These are two common questions I receive on a weekly basis.

There are limits to how much any one creditor may garnish under Nebraska and Federal law.  Nebraska Statute 25-1558 provides

  1. Tax Returns.     2 years of tax returns.  If you have lost your returns, complete IRS form 4506.  You can obtain that form on the IRS webiste at  If you have not prepared your tax returns, do so now.  The bankruptcy case will automatically be dismissed if you fail to file the returns within 30

  1. Failing to list all Creditors:  If you do not list a creditor, the debt will not be discharged. You should list all creditors, even if you have a co-debtor or intend to repay.  Intentionally failing to list creditors you favor is perjury. 
  2. Getting a Second Mortgage Instead of Filing Bankruptcy:  Many clients put