In every state there exists a list of property that is protected from creditor garnishments and property seizures.  We call these laws Exemptions.  In theory, these laws are designed to prevent creditors from taking away everything a person owns, but in practice few debtors know how to assert their exemption rights and they often

Upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, all collection activity is immediately stopped, including ongoing lawsuits and wage garnishments.  What few people or their attorneys are aware of, however, is the power of bankruptcy to recover garnished wages and bank accounts that take place in the 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy.

In a recent

How much of your wages may a creditor garnish in Nebraska? How many garnishments may be placed on a paycheck at any one time?  These are two common questions I receive on a weekly basis.

There are limits to how much any one creditor may garnish under Nebraska and Federal law.  Nebraska Statute 25-1558 provides