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Charlie was a bad man.  With his aggressive personality he intimidated and threatened others if they didn’t give into what he demanded.  He grew rich on the work of others and reminded everyone that without him they were nothing, but such men are destined to fail because they never have enough and so they continuously

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Whether a business is incorporated or not can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of a bankruptcy case, especially in Chapter 7 cases where the bankruptcy trustee has the power to sell non-exempt assets.  Successfully filing a business bankruptcy in Nebraska depends on understanding the important difference between incorporated and unincorporated business assets. 


There is a limit as to how much property is protected in bankruptcy, and debtors who own a 126216941.jpgsignificant amount of property are frequently tempted to transfer the property out of their name before the case is filed.  Anticipating this temptation, bankruptcy laws give the Chapter 7 Trustee the power to retrieve the transferred property