In every state there exists a list of property that is protected from creditor garnishments and property seizures.  We call these laws Exemptions.  In theory, these laws are designed to prevent creditors from taking away everything a person owns, but in practice few debtors know how to assert their exemption rights and they often


Can you keep your motorcycle if you file bankruptcy?  Over the years I have learned that many folks value their motorcycle above all other possessions.  I recently caught the motorcycle bug myself and I am preparing to get my license as I write this blog post.

The answer to the above question depends on several

An unemployed pharmacist in Lincoln, Nebraska lost his battle to save his home from the claim of the Chapter 7 Trustee during a bankruptcy court hearing on January 5.  In Re Bozarth, Bankruptcy Case Number 10-42629.  The homeowner filed his own case and was not represented by an attorney at the hearing. The homeowner