An email from a new client:

Hi Sam! Thank you for your time yesterday. A few quick questions for you.

    • After my case is filed, and everything goes through, how long does it take for my credit to repair/refresh?
    • What are most of your clients seeing?
    • Can I expect to have an industry average credit

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I had the pleasure of attending the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys seminar held at the Nebraska College of Law a week ago, and it got me thinking about how much trial attorneys need to understand about the bankruptcy process.  In a nutshell, here are seven things every trial attorney should understand about bankruptcy.

1. Injury

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It costs a lot of money to go broke, literally.  Chapter 7 fees vary from case to case, but the average case filed in Nebraska ranges from $1,200 to $1,500 depending on the complexity of the case and the attorney hired.  Clients frequently ask if their case can be filed before all fees are paid. 

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Charlie was a bad man.  With his aggressive personality he intimidated and threatened others if they didn’t give into what he demanded.  He grew rich on the work of others and reminded everyone that without him they were nothing, but such men are destined to fail because they never have enough and so they continuously

92135139.jpg  The date a Chapter 7 petition is filed is generally the cut off date for measuring the property of a debtor, but two major exceptions exist.  Property acquired by bequest, devise or inheritance or marital settlements received within 180 days after the case is filed is also included in the bankruptcy estate. Bankruptcy Code

What happens if a person fails to list a debt on their bankruptcy case?  That exact question was presented to the Nebraska bankruptcy court when debtor Peggy Gonzalez failed to list her landlord as a creditor in a Chapter 7 case (Nebraska Bankruptcy Case 09-81123).  After the bankruptcy case was completed, the landlord sued Ms.