Want to see a copy of every document filed in your bankruptcy case? Now you can by filling out a Debtor’s Electronic Noticing Request form.  Give this completed form to your attorney to file or mail it directly to the clerk of the court.

Once you sign up for this service you will receive an email of every document filed in your case and you will be able to save a copy of the documents filed.  Deadlines, claims, objections, notices and everything else will come to you within seconds after they are filed with the court.

Why would you want to be noticed?  There is a lot of information I would want to know as soon as possible:

  • Was a motion to borrow money to buy a car approved?  You will know instantly.
  • You will see exactly what the objections to your case is immediately.
  • Mortgage payment changes will come to you as real estate taxes and home insurance rates change.
  • Claims filed by creditors will come to you so you can object to inaccurate claims.
  • Did your attorney filed that motion you requested?  Now you will know.
  • Is your payment to the court in default?  Check the notice.
  • Did a bill collector say they never got notice of your case?  Check your records and see if they are telling the truth.
  • Was your case discharged?

Signing up for electronic noticing just makes sense.  It’s your case, and the more you know the better.

Image courtesy of Flickr and Bart Everson.